Google bolsters local Web content with Places search

October 27, 2010

Google’s search engine can deliver Web pages from every corner of the world, but the Internet company is increasingly interested in getting you information about the pizza parlor around the corner.

Yahoo revamps email with social sheen

October 27, 2010

Social networking services like Facebook have become a key form of communication, but Yahoo believes there’s plenty of room left to improve good old email.

Google gives $5 million to fund journalism innovation

October 26, 2010

GOOGLE/Google has granted $5 million to non-profit organizations to be used toward journalism innovation programs.  The Knight Foundation is the recipient of $2 million of that coffer, while Google is looking to invest the other $3 million in similar organizations outside the United States.

Did Google inspire Facebook Groups?

October 7, 2010

ZuckGroupsIt’s no secret that Google has struggled to make its mark in the fast-growing social networking market. (Witness Google’s string of stumbles, including Buzz, Orkut and the recently-euthanized Wave).

Yahoo unfurls accordion to revamp search

October 7, 2010

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz once played in an accordion band, so perhaps it’s fitting that the ole squeezebox has figured in to Yahoo’s products as the central motif in a revamped Internet search experience.

Bing takes slight lead over Yahoo, still waaaaay behind Google

September 14, 2010

US-MICROSOFT-BING-JULYFor the first time ever in the search world, Microsoft’s Bing overtook Yahoo in August search share,  according to the latest data from Nielsen. Bing’s 13.9%  share edged out ever- so-slightly Yahoo’s 13.1%.

Google’s Brin: Make smartphone apps searchable

September 9, 2010

For more than a decade, GOOGLE/Google has reigned supreme as the main gateway to online information.

War of Words: Google’s Android sharpens speech-recognition in duel with Apple’s iPhone

August 12, 2010

Google fired the latest salvo in the smartphone war with Apple on Thursday, jazzing up the allure of its Android phones with new voice recognition capabilities.

Nielsen Says – In: social networking; Out: email

August 2, 2010

INTERNET-SOCIALMEDIA/PRIVACYAnyone with a Facebook account knows how addictive social networking can be. But a new report by analytics firm Nielsen illustrates just how central social networking has become in the Average Joe’s day-to-day life.

Forget about Google Me, Facebook unveils its Google rival

July 28, 2010

For weeks, techies have speculated about Google Me, the company’s secret project to take on social networking king Facebook.