IntoNowScreenYou already tell your friends which bars and restaurants you’re hanging out at, thanks to social networking tools like Facebook Places and Foursquare.

A new company called IntoNow, led by a former Google and MTV executive, thinks television is the next frontier.

The company has developed a technology that scans the audio waves emanating from your television set and identifies the program you’re watching, similar to how the popular iPhone app Shazam magically informs you of what song is playing on the radio.

Of course, anyone with even the most rudimentary abilities operating a remote control can (hopefully) already figure out the name of the program they’re watching. The real benefit of IntoNow is that it can tell you which of your friends are also watching the same show.

It doesn’t take a wild imagination to think of how this could fit into the social media landscape, sparking discussions on Facebook among friends watching the latest Real Housewives episode for example, or taunts among buddies that are tuned-in to the same game. Or providing an easy recommendation system for TV shows.