Steve Jobs: I’m well thanks, but I have a weight problem

January 5, 2009

Apple investors and Apple fans heaved a collective sigh of relief on Monday morning after CEO and founder Steve Jobs finally made an attempt to end rumors that he’s on his deathbed.

Apple, give us some new toys!

December 29, 2008

Despite strong sales of Apple’s iPod Touch and Macbook computers, bloggers are clamoring for Steve Jobs and his team to introduce a range of new devices, or significant upgrades to existing models, beyond the usual Mac rumor mill.

iPhone comes to Wal-Mart with $2 discount

December 26, 2008

When rumors started flying around the blogs some weeks ago that Wal-Mart was going to get its margin-squeezing mittens on Apple’s iPhone, many predicted that the retailer might offer consumers a 4GB version priced at the bargain price of $99.

iPhone App Store rings up 300 million downloads

December 6, 2008

For those Apple iPhone devotees out there, this may fall in the category of “duh,” but let’s just make it official: apps are popular. The company said Friday 300 million apps have been downloaded from its App Store, which only opened for business in July.

iPods’ scarcity points to popularity, analyst says

December 3, 2008

With all the hand-wringing about consumer spending and the holiday shopping season, at least one technology device appears to be holding its own: Apple’s trusty iPod. In fact, the now ubiquitous music and media player is faring so well that Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu is beginning to see a shortage.

New BlackBerry draws some lines, even some storms

November 22, 2008

The BlackBerry Storm was greeted with lines of hundreds of people when it went on sale Friday morning.

Latest BlackBerry: A Storm but not a killer

November 20, 2008

All eyes will be on Research In Motion on Friday when the BlackBerry Storm, the latest high-profile cell phone for the U.S. market, hits the streets. The CrackBerry maker’s much anticipated touch-screen offering is Verizon Wireless’ big bet for the holiday season this year.
But while Thursday’s reviews praised the device for its innovation and its advantages over iPhone, they by no means gave in to the hero-worship flattery that is bestowed on some devices.

Et tu, Google?

November 13, 2008

Lots of eyes will be on Google, after its shares yesterday dropped below $300 for the first time since late 2005. What will today bring? In early trade, it was down 3 percent, adding to the 6.5 percent drop yesterday.

This phone is your phone, this phone is iPhone

October 30, 2008

That’s obviously what Woody Guthrie would have written had he been a more contemporary singer (Speaking of which, where’s our 2008 Woody Guthrie? Isn’t it depression time again?)

iWhat? Now it’s all about the G1 Google phone

October 22, 2008

launchandroid.JPGIt was a more relaxed affair than the frenzied iPhone launches of last year and this year. In fact, the first customers who lined up to buy G1, the first Google-powered phone, were specifically looking forward to life outside of iPhone.