iPhone just another phone Down Under

September 5, 2008

iphone.jpg In comparison to the U.S. market where iPhone fans have been in a frenzy over all its highs and lows, consumers in Australia are a bit more nonchalant about the Apple device, which bloggers have called the Jesus phone.

Apple computers getting touchy-feely?

August 30, 2008

iphone.jpgApple Inc has filed a patent application for a way to apply touchscreen technology to a computer.

Madison Avenue feels your pain

August 29, 2008


These days, it’s not just Wal-Mart that’s beating the cost savings drum in its marketing. Indeed, in this climate of costly gas and food, job insecurity and falling home prices, you can’t beat cheap on Madison Avenue.

Heard this before? Music industry isn’t sold on iTunes

August 28, 2008

kid-rock.jpgOnce again, record companies are questioning the wisdom of selling music on iTunes. This time, the griping shows up the Wall Street Journal.

Trulia asks iPhone for help with housing slump

August 25, 2008

openhousepicture.jpgNever mind that the U.S. real estate market is in crisis. Web site Trulia.com plans to take advantage of the slump with a free mobile application for the iPhone and other devices.

Apple: World’s best customer service or most dangerous products?

August 19, 2008

stevejobs-an-ipod.jpgTwo different reports on Apple this morning left us undecided how to view the Cupertino, California maker of iPhones, iPods and MacBooks run by Steve Jobs (left).

Get ready for the battle of the superphones

August 15, 2008

fencing1.jpgNow this should be one good duel.

The New York Times is reporting that T-Mobile will be the first carrier to offer a mobile phone powered by Google’s Android software. And it will go on sale… soon!

Entire iTunes libraries at your finger tips

August 14, 2008
YouTube Preview Image

It’s been available for a few months for unlocked iPhones, but Simplify Media’s iPhone application has finally hit Apple’s App Store. Simplify Media’s software, which can also be used on the iPod Touch, will let users stream entire iTunes libraries wirelessly.

Sirius XM on the iPhone

August 14, 2008

starplayr2.jpgWe’re not entirely sure if the current round of leaks will lift Sirius XM out of its $1.40 per share doldrums, but screenshots of a new iPhone application in development that will let users stream Sirius XM radio stations could put a new shine on the company.

Take cover: Forecast darkens for cable spending

August 13, 2008

storm-clouds.jpgAnybody out there in TV land riding an Olympic buzz (NBC’s ratings have been scorching) will be brought back down to earth by these numbers from SNL Kagan.