JasonMrazWarner Music has just announced that it has signed up to offer music videos, live shows and interviews of its artists on the popular online video site Hulu.

This is interesting as Warner Music is the only one of the so-called big four major music companies that hasn’t signed up to put its music on Vevo, the premium music video site jointly owned by Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Abu Dhabi Media Company. Vevo is built on the technology platform of YouTube. Warner and YouTube have recently fallen out then settled over licensing terms.

Ultimately, this is about business for Warner. As the only publicly traded music company, Warner Music Group seems keen to occasionally go a different route from its other major label rivals as its executives will argue they have shareholders to answer to.

But are people going to go to Hulu for music videos? That remains to be seen. Warner exec Michael Nash said in the press release that Hulu offers its artists a “customized and flexible approach to marketing and monetizing their music”.

Warner artists like Muse, Jason Mraz and Paramore will be among those to feature in the deal. The news comes after EMI signed up with Hulu in Nov. EMI also signed up put its artists videos on Vevo, though it is not an equity partner.