NVIDIA/Jen-Hsun Huang, Nvidia’s plain-talking chief executive, may want to hit the blackjack tables while he’s in Las Vegas.

That’s because he’s already had his share of bad luck in Sin City while on stage for a presentation at the Consumer Electronics Show.

About halfway through his presentation unveiling the company’s new Tegra 2 chip, Huang hit a snag when attempting to wirelessly connect to the Web to demonstrate the chip’s multimedia prowess. Huang pleaded with the audience to “spare” him some bandwidth according to media reports.

The crowd of attendees apparently having ignored his entreaty to relinquish their wireless connections, Huang told the audience that they “suck.”

The irony of the technology failings at a conference designed to showcase the wonders of the world of Internet-connected gadgets is hard to miss. But of course, Huang is only the latest of a long line of victims whose presentations have been foiled by wireless woes, including Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Google CEO Eric Schmidt.