Brian Dunn, who is set to become Best Buy's CEO next week, has his own example of what it means to be connected in today's digital age.

bryant-boozerWhen he was visiting London a few weeks ago, Dunn watched the L.A. Lakers take on the Utah Jazz in the NBA playoffs on his notebook computer.  His three sons, who are also big basketball fans, were watching the game on TV at home, Dunn said.  They kept in touch using Skype to have a video chat.

As Dunn told Reuters, the boys were whispering to him, worried that their mother would hear that they were up too late.

"I'm across the Atlantic, but I'm connected to my sons, watching the game.  It's like the most pristine example I have right now of what this connected world means for people."

Maybe if more people tried to stay connected it could drive sales at Best Buy.  The retailer's first-quarter revenue rose less than Wall Street expected and its shares fell on Tuesday.