Gaudeamus Igitur!

Friday was a day of great joy and merriment for seminarians, academics and other devotees of Latin following Facebook’s announcement that the world’s largest social networking website¬†is now¬†available in the language of Caesar.

Latin may be considered a so-called dead language, but that didn’t stop Facebook from adding it to the 70 language options offered on the website.

“Most of the time when we stumble upon a Latin phrase, it’s etched in stone: carved in the hallways of universities, chiseled on facades of government buildings or carefully imprinted in cathedral foyers and churchyards,” read a Facebook blog post announcing the news.

“Yet beginning today, Latin – the staid and reliable language – springs to life on Facebook,” the post continues.

Even English monoglots may find that Latin Facebook has a familiar ring. The “chat” feature is labeled Colloqium. Requests are Petitiones.