By Poornima Gupta

You could call it another victory lap for Steve Jobs.

John Lasseter, chief creative officer for Disney and Pixar and an old chum of the Apple CEO, credits the making of the new “Cars 2″ film to a single device: the iPad. 

Being the creative guru at Pixar and Disney, as well as an adviser for Walt Disney Imagineering — Walt Disney Co’s design and development arm — means Lasseter has less time than he’d like to review materials for the movie, which he directed. 

So he made good use of the hour-long daily commute from Pixar’s headquarters to his home in Sonoma by reviewing scenes, pictures and clips on his lime-green iPad 2.  

A technical director working on the animated movie crafted an iPad app — called Review Tool  — specifically for his boss. 

“I would get everything on the iPad and it was fantastic to be able to look at stuff,” Lasseter said, adding that he then used the iPhone4′s voice memo feature to send notes and email comments. ”What I am able to do in an hour’s review on my iPad, we estimate it is equivalent to three hours of review time at Pixar.”