One big, happy, musical family

February 4, 2009

Hey, Madonna meet Miley Cyrus. Jay-Z, these are the Eagles. You all could be one big happy family. Sort of like the Brady Bunch.  Or the Partridge family!

from Summit Notebook:

Mattresses and pillows, a diversified portfolio

December 5, 2008

With financial markets in turmoil and the U.S. economy in recession, we asked top entertainment and sports executives at the Reuters Media Summit for some investment advice.

Sports and economy square off

December 2, 2008

Sorting out what the economic downturn means for the sports world has become something of a sport itself.

AP tries to help grumpy, cash-strapped members

October 24, 2008

More cracks are appearing in the newspaper industry. Things have become so tough that the Associated Press has agreed to slash $9 million from its membership fees. With newspaper’s reeling from depressed advertising revenue, they are looking to save money wherever they can, and have been clamoring for a break from the AP.

Sumner Redstone: World could end tomorrow!

October 23, 2008

Step off — CBS and Viacom are not for sale!

That comes courtesy of Sumner Redstone, who should know since he holds a controlling stake in both of the media companies. Here’s what he told the Wall Street Journal in an interview:

from DealZone:

Just the ticket

October 23, 2008

Will Ticketmaster's new duet fend off a hot rival and help it rise above an economic climate that makes pricey concert tickets seem like an extravagance?

Nickelback deal embarrassing for Warner or expensive for Live Nation?

July 8, 2008

nickelback.jpgLive Nation said on Tuesday it has signed a global ‘360-degree’ deal with Canadian rock band Nickelback covering the band’s touring, recording and merchandising.

They’re feuding at Live Nation

June 20, 2008

madonna.jpgThings have gotten tense over at Live Nation. An internal feud at the concert promoter could end with Chairman Michael Cohl resigning.

Playing nice at Martha Stewart

June 12, 2008

susan-lyne.jpgSusan Lyne is leaving Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, but the shakeup at the lifestyle brand probably isn’t over yet. 

I spent $100 mln and all I got was this lousy Bono t-shirt

March 31, 2008

U2The Live Nation touring and merchandising agreement with supergroup U2 could be worth $100 million estimates one Wall Street analyst.