GoogleTV: Another partner says bye-bye

GoogleTV's cast of partners -- in happier times

Remember those television commercials featuring actor Kevin Bacon touting GoogleTV?

Well, the company selling those GoogleTV devices, Logitech, now says the whole thing was an expensive mistake.

During an investor conference this week, Logitech CEO Guerrino De Luca delivered an amazingly strong-worded indictment of GoogleTV and of the company’s set-top box that offered the service, known as the Revue.

Logitech basically went to market with a half-cooked “beta” product “and it cost us dearly,” De Luca confessed, according to a report in the technology blog The Verge. Logitech will finish off its inventory of Revue devices this quarter, and has no plans to introduce a replacement, the report quoted De Luca as saying.

For those keeping score, that’s the second major GoogleTV launch partner to drop out. Earlier this year, Intel said it would cease making the chips used to power GoogleTV devices.

How much will Google TV cost?

Almost five months after telling the world about its television aspirations, Internet search giant Google is providing more details on its forthcoming Google TV service.

The first devices featuring Google TV, from Sony and Logitech, will be available this month, Google said in a blog post on Monday.

Google also listed a variety of media and technology companies whose content and services will be available on Google TV, including HBO, Netflix, Twitter and music video website Vevo.