Meebo introduces Web site check-in service

A number of Web companies are fighting to become the primary service for people to “check in” to real world locations, like coffee shops and stores.  MeeboLogo

But Meebo believes there’s an equally important need for people to check in to Web sites that’s been overlooked.

Meebo hopes to fill in what it says is a missing piece of Today’s social Web, creating a social network based not just on friends and contacts, but on personal interests.

Meebo’s new service, which is being introduced this week, will allow web surfers to “check in” to any Web site, and build a profile that’s publicly viewable of other Web sites that they check in to frequently.

The idea, Meebo CEO Seth Sternberg told Reuters, is to provide Web surfers with a quick way to find more information about a topic they’re interested in: After all, a person who frequently checks in to a popular biking Web site might also have frequent check ins to other, lesser-known Web sites about biking.

Meebo enlists Google, Microsoft in new social networking standard

With social networking services booming, website operators are increasingly looking for ways to make their sites play well in the social world.

Witness the clutter of “share this” buttons on websites urging surfers to share a video or an article with a litany of social networking services that the user may or may not belong to.

xauth2Now Internet chat and toolbar company Meebo is introducing another option that it says will allow websites to custom tailor the experience to each visitor’s personal social networking predilections.

Meebo launches new ads with 30-second guarantee

Convincing marketers to try a new type of Internet ad format isn’t easy, especially during a time when ad budgets are getting cut.

But Meebo has come up with a novel way to entice advertisers to take the plunge: the company will guarantee that Web surfers spend at least 30 seconds interacting with ads that run in its new advertising units.

The new ads are integrated within the Meebo real time communications service, which provides instant messaging and link-sharing capabilities on more than 40 Web sites including myYearbook, CafeMom and Current TV.