If gadgets were fashion models, Samsung would probably send its TVs, Blu-ray players and camcorders sashaying down the runway, with reporters and photographers scrambling to get close. That’s how proud they were of their gadgets at the Consumer Electronics Show — admittedly, they were all slim, sexy and worth a slip of drool.

The South Korean electronics giant paraded a number of new or upgraded TV models in Las Vegas today, including a line-up of high-definition TVs that are supposed to be more energy efficient because they use LED as a light source rather than traditional cathode lamps.

Jongwoo Park, Samsung’s president of digital media, was quite bullish when asked about the tiny LED TV market. “We’re going to create the market,” he said.

Since these TVs use less energy and contain no mercury, Samsung’s hoping the growing body of green consumers will be tempted to buy thems. No price points yet, though.

Samsung also showed off a new Blu-ray player, billed the world’s slimmest at only 1.5 inches thick. In fact, Samsung executive Tim Baxter said these gadgets are meant to be “show offs.”