Yahoo unfurls accordion to revamp search

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz once played in an accordion band, so perhaps it’s fitting that the ole squeezebox has figured in to Yahoo’s products as the central motif in a revamped Internet search experience.

Yahoo has unveiled a snazzy new search interface that lets users flip between a stack of vertical tabs to view different types of results. Search on the rapper Lil Wayne for example, and you can quickly tab between groups of results like albums, videos and Twitter messages.

YahooAccordion1The new search interface, which the tech blogs have nicknamed ‘the accordion’, represents Yahoo’s first big overhaul of its search product since partnering with Microsoft.

Under the ten-year deal, Microsoft will handle so-called back-end search chores like crawling and indexing Web pages, while Yahoo will focus on improving the front-end of its search products, making search more than a mere “ten blue links” as Yahoo is fond of saying.

Yahoo’s accordion also comes as Internet search king Google has revamped its flagship search engine with Google Instant, which predicts a person’s search query as soon as they type a single letter in the search box, instantly returning the relevant results.

Bing takes slight lead over Yahoo, still waaaaay behind Google

US-MICROSOFT-BING-JULYFor the first time ever in the search world, Microsoft’s Bing overtook Yahoo in August search share,  according to the latest data from Nielsen. Bing’s 13.9%  share edged out ever- so-slightly Yahoo’s 13.1%.

It should be noted that Microsoft and Yahoo have a partnership that kicked off in August that involves Bing powering Yahoo’s search. If Nielsen combined Bing-powered search it would represent a 26% share of search.

While Bing and Yahoo scrap for second place, Google blows everyone out of the water with a 65% share of all U.S. searches.