Microsoft CFO Klein

Three things we learned from chatting with Microsoft CFO Peter Klein: for one, he’s a big fan of his boss, CEO Steve Ballmer, despite their contrasting interview styles (Klein is even tempered; Ballmer is famously energetic, which I’ve witnessed first hand).

Reuters: What’s it like working with Steve Ballmer?
Klein: It’s awesome. He’s incredibly passionate, he cares about nothing except the success of the company. He’s incredibly smart. He knows the industry backwards and forward.

Reuters: Does he jump around and make your life hell sometimes?
Klein: No, he makes my life exciting everyday. It has been fabulous. He cares so much about the company. I’m a big believer in you have to be passionate about what you are doing.

Reuters: You seem so quietly spoken versus his (electric demeanor).
Klein: I think we are an awesome combination. I think the finance guy needs to be a little more measured.

Reuters: Could you someday be CEO?
Klein: I haven’t thought about that. I’m trying to be the best CFO I can be. Steve is fired up and ready to come in every day.