Microsoft’s new “Synth”-esizer stiches together photos

August 21, 2008

(Update – adds video of Photosynth demo)

If you’re snap-happy with your digital camera, Microsoft thinks it has the Web site for you. Microsoft Photosynth is a new, free photo service that stiches together pictures (preferably lots of them) of a place or a thing to create a 360-degree visual experience. You can zoom in and out smoothly, pan left and right, up and over.

Yahoo! The musical!

August 8, 2008

yahoo1.jpgA cursory viewing of “Mamma Mia!” or “Xanadu” is enough to teach anyone that you really can dance your troubles away. Yahoo employees apparently have discovered this too, and engaged Matt Harding to show them how to shuffle off the blues with the old soft-shoe.

Yahoo investors wax eloquent

August 1, 2008

yahoo.jpgSome Yahoo shareholders are mad, some are sad and some have a remarkable handle on the English language.

Microsoft: Here’s the lowdown on Yahoo

July 25, 2008

ballmer.jpgSo often with these things, there’s a lot of PR-speak and dancing around. But let’s give Microsoft’s top brass some credit —  they pretty much addressed the whole Yahoo thing head on during the annual meeting with Wall Street analysts up in Washington state.

Microsoft’s next online chief

July 24, 2008

jonmiller.jpgMicrosoft’s president of platforms and services Kevin Johnson, who spearheaded the company’s pursuit of Yahoo, plans to bolt for the top job at nearby Juniper in a move that deals a setback to the software giant’s online chase after Google.

Yahoo’s Decker on Icahn: The “audacity of hope”?

July 23, 2008

icahn1.jpgAs volte faces go, the Yahoo-Carl Icahn slugfest-turned-lovefest is a definite keeper for some future annal of corporate history. Until last week, Yahoo couldn’t slam Icahn enough, mocking the activist investor’s knowledge of technology, calling his agenda risky, and pointing to his failure to articulate clear alternatives to a Microsoft deal.

Yahoo: We’ve looked at everything you can imagine

July 23, 2008

yahoo.jpgIf for some reason you assumed that Yahoo’s deal with Carl Icahn would quiet the chatter about a deal, you were mistaken. The conference call to discuss quarterly earnings made that clear.

Yahoo: who prints their email?

July 18, 2008

We can spend a lot of time analyzing how Yahoo really feels about Carl Icahn and his rival slate. But this, found at the top of Yahoo’s latest proxy filing and its homepage, says it all.

Google, Microsoft augur tougher times ahead

July 18, 2008

googlesign.jpgGoogle’s second quarter earnings disappointed Wall Street yesterday and sent its shares tumbling. The search giant blamed lower returns from managing its huge cash piles but analysts are also concerned the market leader in search advertising might augur a wider slowdown in online advertising.