They’re feuding at Live Nation

June 20, 2008

madonna.jpgThings have gotten tense over at Live Nation. An internal feud at the concert promoter could end with Chairman Michael Cohl resigning.

Sorting through the spending figures

June 18, 2008

calculator.jpgSurprise, surprise! Online advertising spending appears to have slipped quarter-to-quarter, the first time that’s happened in three years, according to a new report.

Google victorious?

June 13, 2008

nascar.jpgBack in May, we reported that Google was in the driver’s seat when it came to Microsoft and Yahoo’s on-again, off-again merger talks. Well, Thursday’s news suggests that Google has crossed the finish line — in first place.

Yahoo and Microsoft, or, when is dead really dead?

June 13, 2008

When Microsoft first said it was ending talks to buy Yahoo, many people thought, “well, that’s the end of it.” Zombie movie fans, on the other hand, know that a dead body can get up and walk again. And walk again it did!

Got game? Microsoft, Harrah’s want it to Surface

June 11, 2008

Microsoft said on Wednesday that casino chain Harrah’s Entertainment Inc is the second customer to deploy Surface, the company’s coffee-table-shaped computer that responds to touch.

Icahn to Yahoo’s board: Shame on you

June 11, 2008

icahn2.jpg The heat is definitely on at Yahoo.

As though it weren’t under enough pressure, the board now has Carl Icahn warning them that they will be held personally liable for approving a controversial employee severance plan.

Apple’s new iPhone: It’s almost time

June 3, 2008

apple.jpgIt’s almost time, at least we’re pretty sure it’s almost time. Come Monday, Apple CEO Steve Jobs is widely expected to introduce a new iPhone at the company’s developers’ conference.

Yahoo to Microsoft: No, No, No

June 2, 2008

yangthinking.jpgDetails of the backroom dealings between Microsoft and Yahoo from an investor lawsuit were unsealed by Delaware Chancery Court Judge William Chandler on Monday.

Breaking up is hard to do – Yahoo’s Yang

May 29, 2008

Yahoo_YangGetting jilted by your girlfriend. That’s how Yahoo’s Jerry Yang described the falling out with Microsoft mid-negotiations during the most highly anticipated session at D: All Things Digital conference.