Why so hostile? Next steps in Microsoft-Yahoo saga

April 28, 2008

ballmer-in-thought.jpgMicrosoft’s weekend deadline to Yahoo to negotiate a friendly deal has come and gone. So, now what? Microsoft has its options. It could raise its bid, walk away, go hostile at a lower price or go hostile at the current price. Most Wall Street analysts think the last option is the most likely.

What will Microsoft do about Yahoo?

April 28, 2008

poker.jpgThings could get complicated soon in the saga of Microsoft’s quest to acquire Yahoo, since the software makers deadline for what was origianlly seen as a friendly deal — at the right price — passed this weekend without Yahoo saying “I Do.”

Microsoft, Yahoo deadline looms

April 25, 2008

hourglass.jpgWith earnings reports for Yahoo and Microsoft out of the way, all eyes are now on Saturday, Microsoft’s deadline for Yahoo to accept its $43 billion offer.

Microsoft turns up heat on Yahoo

April 24, 2008

ballmer-victory.jpgWill Microsoft stay and fight or dump its bid for Yahoo altogether?

Even as it mulls its next move, the software maker is cranking up the heat on Yahoo ahead of its Saturday deadline.

Fingers crossed on Microsoft earnings

April 24, 2008

If you take Steve Ballmer at his word, the only way Yahoo shareholders may be able to squeeze a bit more money out of Microsoft Corp is to pray for a stellar earnings report from the software company Thursday afternoon.

Microsoft stands firm on Yahoo bid

April 23, 2008

ballmerfinger2.jpgThose of you who missed him in Morocco caught up with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in Milan after Yahoo reported better than expected results, even though they fell short of stellar.

Yahoo: No surprises there

April 23, 2008

jerry-1.jpgWe weren’t expecting huge surprises during Yahoo’s earnings conference call, but CEO Jerry Yang was spectacularly vague about the Internet company’s plans vis-a-vis Microsoft or any other potential tie-ups — with Google, Time Warner’s AOL or News Corp — that Yahoo has been working on.

Yahoo’s Google test works! Now what?

April 17, 2008

yahoo.jpg“It’s a success! Now what?”

Yahoo may be ready to turn over its Web search advertising to Google following a successful test using Google’s service to deliver ads alongside its Web search results. But that’s only the beginning of what could be a swirl of deals. Or Not.

Media giants mull Yahoo deals

April 10, 2008

The Time Square Yahoo sign is seen in New YorkWhat does the future hold for Yahoo? With so many media titans in the picture, it’s anyone’s guess how this merger mashup will end.

Yahoo investor backs management if Microsoft trims bid

April 9, 2008

yang-pensive.jpgYahoo shareholder Legg Mason tells the Wall Street Journal it’s ready to back Yahoo’s effort to stay independent if Microsoft lowers its buyout offer.