Yes, yes everybody’s still talking about iPhone, but during Apple’s presentation of some new phone software today, Microsoft happened to call and couldn’t help mentioning that they’ve sold more phones with Windows Mobile, which has long had some of the stuff iPhone users are foaming at the mouth to get their hands on.

Despite the hype about the iPhone, Greg Sullivan, a senior product manager for Windows Mobile noted that Windows-based phones outsold iPhones in 2008, but he said…”If you talked to 10 people on the street I’m not sure how many people would guess that.”

However, not to sound like that unfortunate PC guy taunted by the Apple guy on the TV ads, Sullivan was quick to point out that while copy and paste, universal search and other features are new to iPhone, Microsoft has had them for some time.

“From where we sit, Windows phones have had that capability for some time now. We’re glad our customers have been able to take advantage of those capabilities on Windows phones, some of them for several years.”

Cut and paste was added in 2007 but the ability to have two apps running at once, like a game and a document, first hit Microsoft mobile devices as far back as 1996, not on a phone but in its pocket PC, he said.