There is nothing more infuriating than a slow mobile connection. With people bringing their own devices to  workand everywhere else, wireless networks will be working hard to accommodate the mobile traffic flood.  

Here’s where Cisco comes in: On Tuesday, it unveiled a wireless access point called the Aironet 3600 Series, which can increase the speed of connection by up to 30 percent on any kind of mobile device no matter how weak or strong the network is. 

According to Cisco, it is the first company to offer access points with four antennas and three spatial streams. What does it mean?  Essentially more people have more range to use their devices, even if there is more traffic.

The device make changing lanes on the wireless freeway easier so your device can find a faster lane and congestion never gets very dense.

But it isn’t cheap–$1,495 for an internal Aironet 3600 and $1,595 for an outdoor one. .