Radio journalist Nancy Mullane has gone behind the walls of California’s infamous San Quentin state prison to chronicle how life unfolds for five inmates convicted of murder.

Andreessen Horowitz Partner Margit Wennmachers introducing Don Cronk, Jesse Reed, Ed Ramirez and author Nancy Mullane

The five-year investigative effort by the freelance reporter and producer who does a lot of work for NPR is now chronicled in her book,  Life After Murder

Mullane follows Don Cronk, Ed Ramirez, Rich Rael, Phillip Seiler and Jesse Reed as they work through the complicated system of obtaining parole, and tracks their travails once outside. Each of the men have been convicted of murder.

Mullane said she received unprecendented cooperation from the prison staff and the quintet of convicted killers  as they sought parole for good behavior decades after their crime.