Update: NBC okays Boone Pickens “Iran” ad

August 27, 2008

We blogged earlier that NBC Universal had rejected T. Boone Pickens’ latest advertisement about U.S. dependence on foreign oil entitled “Iran,” even as its business network CNBC was always happy to hear what the oil tycoon had to say whenever oil prices hit record highs.

That will be $1 billion, thank you very much

August 7, 2008

hammer.jpgNBC Universal has officially locked up more than $1 billion in advertising sales for the Olympics — and says it has more to sell as the games begin on Friday.

Waiting on the News Corp news

August 4, 2008

murdoch.jpgCome Tuesday, all eyes will be on News Corp.

The company’s earnings report should cast some more light on what’s happening in the media world — both in the United States and abroad. This is, after all, a media company with enormous reach and one whose shares have been hammered this year on worries about a slowdown.

Neither wind, rain nor a classroom will keep iPhone fans away

July 9, 2008

iphone.jpgHere we go…

Two days before the iPhone’s launch, fans around Asia are queuing up to buy Apple’s latest offering. They don’t seem to care that it’s raining or freezing cold or if lining up early means missing work or school.

Happy Monday! Your stock rating has just been cut

July 7, 2008

nyse.jpg It wasn’t exactly an auspicious start to the week for entertainment companies.

A summer romance for GE and Time Warner?

June 2, 2008


We’re moving into summer now — peak wedding time. Naturally, all sorts of mergers are on the mind.

Another day, another pulled advertisement

May 30, 2008

stone.jpgIt has been a tricky week for celebrity endorsers.

First, Dunkin’ Donuts pulled an online ad featuring Rachael Ray when a blogger created a firestorm over a scarf worn by the celebrity chef, calling it “hate couture.” The advertisement, with Ray wearing a black and white scarf, ran for a couple of weeks before Dunkin’ Donuts removed it last weekend. Critics said the scarf looked like a keffiyeh, a traditional Arab headdress.

Olympics: The good and bad of a country

May 28, 2008

newearthquake.jpgChina and the Olympics bring up thorny subjects about media coverage, politics and human rights. The recent devastating earthquake that killed more than 68,000 people introduces a whole new angle to the games and how the media will cover them.

Zucker upbeat on offbeat upfront

May 14, 2008

zucker.jpgIn one of the busiest weeks for network TV executives, NBCU’s Jeff Zucker nonetheless stopped by an Avenue A/Razorfish event for a question-and-answer session with the ad company’s vice president of media & entertainment, Domenic Venuto.

Living the NBCU “Experience”

May 13, 2008

rock-center.jpgInstead of a big, crazy upfront presentation at Radio City, NBC Universal this year invited advertisers and media to its Experience at 30 Rockefeller Center. Here’s a guided tour: