shine-ltd-logo.JPGWhatever it is that drives Rupert Murdoch’s offspring out of the businesses he owns may also bring them back.

Could Elisabeth Murdoch return to daddy’s fold? Sure, according to a glowing profile in the New York Times on Monday of Rupert Murdoch’s elder daughter from his second marriage.

Once ruled out as a possible heir to Murdoch’s News Corp global media empire after her 2000 departure from Murdoch-controlled BSkyB to strike out — quite successfully — on her own, she stirs speculation anew over a possible return … someday.

NYTimes: “Could I foresee a day going back to News Corp.?” she said. “Yes, I could. Do I know how, or when, or what shape that would take? No. I don’t really ever want to leave Shine. So I don’t know how it would happen one day, but it’s certainly not out of the cards.” 

Lachlan Murdoch, Murdoch’s elder son, also left his post as deputy chief operating officer of News Corp in 2005, and is also seeking out media investments.