Searching for business with the Financial Times

March 19, 2009

The Financial Times is not the first place that anyone thinks of to search for things, at least in the Internet sense. That’s not to say that the FT isn’t interested in changing a few perceptions. The Pearson-owned paper, or more specifically, its Web operation Rather: The Pearson-owned FT Group is launching a business news search engine designed to get past the idea of relying on keywords to search for important infomation. The idea, boiled down, is that a business search engine is more likely to give you the results that you want than a massive search engine that yields results for people in every walk of life.

Newspaper ad sales down? Fire ad staff!

March 12, 2009

The Boston Globe, the revenue-challenged sibling of The New York Times, is laying off employees as it copes with a decline in advertising revenue made only worse by the recession. The thing is, it’s laying off advertising staff.

Good news for Madison Ave: WPP will only be slightly down

March 6, 2009

Slightly down is the new up.

At least judging from the reception that advertising giant WPP received today after it predicted like-for-like revenue would drop 2 percent this year.

Warning: Reporting on reporting is hazardous to your health

February 10, 2009

Covering the decline of the U.S. newspaper business is the extreme sport of journalism. Ask American Journalism Review, which is pleading for funds to help it survive. Here’s an excerpt from a letter I got in the mail this morning (haha. Letter. Paper.):

AH Belo’s bonus bummer

February 5, 2009

Found on Romenesko on Wednesday: The Dallas Observer reports that AH Belo Corp paid out manager bonuses at the same time that the newspaper publisher said it would get rid of 500 employees. An accident of timing, especially as other U.S. newspaper publishers cut bonuses?  Here’s AH Belo Executive Vice President and Dallas Morning News chief Jim Moroney, quoted in an interview with the Observer:

Dark days in Hollywood

January 21, 2009

 If that notion of a recession-resistant entertainment industry hasn’t already been debunked, just get in touch with one of your pals out in Hollywood. They’ll tell you how bad it is — how jobs are disappearing.

Newspaper websites snare more viewers

July 29, 2008

newspapers.jpgThe Newspaper Association of America released numbers on Tuesday showing how ever more people are turning to the Internet to get news.

Murdoch: We’re not investing in newspapers!

May 8, 2008

murdoch-press.jpgFor a mogul who’s spent a lifetime snatching up newspapers across the globe — and who spent the better part of his time talking about them on Wednesday’s quarterly earnings conference call — we found it surprising that he insists he’s not spending more money on the dying print business.

Cablevision sweet on Newsday; suitors circling

May 1, 2008

madison-square-garden.jpgWho says the newspaper business is doomed? Circulation and advertising may be in the dumps, sure, but judging from the bidders lining up to buy Newsday there are plenty of moguls still keen on newspapers.

Circulation up at some newspapers (seriously)

April 28, 2008

Newspaper circulation: It’s rising! Well, at some papers it is. That’s according to figures that came out from the Audit Bureau of Circulations on Monday morning. Most papers, as everyone knows, are reporting falling circulation in all their editions, whether during the week or on the weekends. Still, out of the more than 500 papers that reported, there were some more positive stories to tell. Here’s a list of the top circulation gainers, according to the ABC.