Tribune lawyers, not funny

April 23, 2008

tribune.jpgTribune Co under Chief Executive Sam Zell has really loosened up in the past few weeks. Just think back to the April 1 Web site “redesign,” not to mention this subsequent so-crazy-it-was-surreal press release.

McClatchy CEO knows what we all want

April 23, 2008

You can say one thing for Gary Pruitt , McClatchy’s CEO and perhaps the most ardent defender of the newspaper business — he knows what we all want.

Sulzberger masters hedge funds, Sudoku

April 23, 2008

‘Father of Sudoku’ Maki KajiNew York Times Co Chairman and Publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. managed to deflect major shareholder insurrection this year by agreeing to offer two board seats to a dissident investor’s rival slate, where one presumes they might be somewhat more placid than when they were banging on the walls of the Gray Lady. Now it looks like he might be working the same charm on disaffected puzzlers.

NY Times buyout offers to become layoffs

April 16, 2008

The New York TimesAnother day, another story about job cuts and cost cutting in the publishing business.

Business, News mags bleed ad pages

April 15, 2008

newsweek.jpgAccording to the Publishers Information Bureau, advertising revenue for magazines declined in the first quarter, hurt by the automobile industry’s continued troubles and concerns about the economy. Total revenue fell 1.2 percent to $5.2 billion, down 1.2 percent, with pages down 6.4 percent.

At Tribune, all the news that’s fit to eat

April 1, 2008

Sam Zell has a new round of ideas for how to fix Tribune. Read on for details. (Check Tribune’s temporarily redesigned Web site too, and remember: if you give people puppies, you can pay for Iraq coverage.)

Fixing Tribune, one employee at a time

March 26, 2008

Sam Zell in his latest memo tells Tribune employees — the ones who haven’t been spiked — that he’s happy to see them so hard at work coming up with new ideas to help the publisher and broadcaster thrive. Employees have been so helpful, in fact, that Tribune has created an online “IdeaBank” for submissions, rather than the talktoSam AT address that he’s been using. As he explains below, this will let other people in the company see them.

… And the horse you rode in on (From the Craigslist files)

March 24, 2008

Exhibit No. 1 in how Craigslist rules the classified advertising business, courtesy of the Associated Press :

Newspapers, more dead than read

March 24, 2008

h-bomb.jpgMonday brings a fresh wave of despair to the newspaper world as sagacious authors in various media outlets let us know that the economy and the neglect of good citizens are threatening the survival of print journalism.