Palo Alto Networks, the network security company, that modernized the firewall with its web application inspection took a look at what people do at work by analyzing Internet traffic in over 2,000 organizations.

Seems a lot of people watch videos.

In fact, Palo Alto’s semi-annual application usage and risk report says the bandwidth used by streaming video more than tripled to 13 percent from 4 percentĀ in December 2011.

And that’s before the Euro 2012 Soccer Championship, the 2012 Olympics and the U.S. elections.

Apart from productivity issues and more money spent — a third of every dollar — on enterprise bandwidth for streaming video or filesharing — it opens the door for security breaches.

What has been dubbed ‘likejacking’ is essentially when a piece of malware gets downloaded as a user clicks to watch a video link forwarded by a friend.