Will you buy the new Apple iPhone?

Apple took the wraps off a new iPhone on Tuesday but may have left some fans and investors wishing for more than an updated version of last year’s iPhone 4 smartphone.

Apple CEO Tim Cook, who took the reins from the co-founder Steve Jobs in August, and his executive team showed off a souped-up device that comes with voice recognition and a better camera, but it looked identical to the last phone and did little to lift the bar for smartphones. Let us know below what you think of Apple’s latest device.

Will you buy the Apple iPhone 4S?

    Yes, can't wait Maybe, but I need more time to think about it No, it's a bit of a disappointment

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For those planning to buy it, what feature excites you most?

    Voice-recognition features 8-megapixel camera Faster processor

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What features would you like to have seen but didn't?

    Bigger screen Thinner design Faster wireless/4G network support

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How should we respond to the “enormous” cyber attacks?

Security company McAfee uncovered a series of attacks on the networks of 72 organizations including the U.N., governments and companies around the world and said there was one "state actor" behind them.

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What would you want in a new iPad?

BELGIUM/People are still waiting to unwrap their first-generation iPads for Christmas and news is already leaking about what features Apple plans to include on its next version of the popular tablet computer.

One of Apple's component suppliers confirmed the retooled iPad will come equipped with two cameras, one mounted on the rear for photography and another on the front presumably meant to enable FaceTime video chatting. Another said the revamped model will be slimmer, lighter and boast a better resolution screen display.

A separate supply chain source said Apple was preparing a significantly smaller iPad that is almost half the size of the current model. The current iPad has a 9.7-inch screen.

Poll: Did Apple get it right?


Apple is giving iPhone 4 users a free phone case to address growing complaints about reception problems that have hurt the company’s shares and image.

Was Apple's offer of a free case the right response?

    Yes No

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Does the free case offer make you more or less likely to buy an iPhone 4?

    More likely Less likely No difference I already own an iPhone 4

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Has the controversy over iPhone 4 reception made you less likely to buy one?

    Yes No No difference

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Do you plan to return your iPhone 4?

    No Yes I've already returned it I don't have one

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VOTE: Will you buy the Apple tablet?

apple tablet pic Is Apple’s much-talked about tablet destined to be a hit, or is it a product in search of a market? Apple has said nothing about the device expected to be unveiled by CEO Steve Jobs on Jan. 27 but mockups are everywhere. How much are you willing to pay for Apple’s tablet?

    Not interested $500-$699 $700-$899 $900-$1,000 More than $1,000
Created on Jan 21, 2010

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If you are among the 51 percent of eligible voters expected not to participate in the European elections you can still cast a ballot of sorts -- online and from the comfort of home.

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