from Reuters Soccer Blog:

Wayne Rooney is flying right at you!

FRANCE/Beer and football go together like, well, beer and anything else, but add in a pair of plastic stereoscopic spectacles plus the inevitability of someone taking a camera phone picture of you looking ridiculous and I can see the combination wearing a bit thin.

Still, I'm sure there'll be plenty of people happy to give it a try on Sunday when the Premier League goes all Avatar on us.

Pubs in nine British cities, kitted out with expensive new TVs and all manner of electronic jiggery-pokery, will be screening the Arsenal v Manchester United game in 3D. So before the ink is even dry on that HD contract you signed over Christmas, there's a chance for a peak at what broadcasters must be praying will be The Next Big Thing.

How do you like the idea?

I guess that might depend on how appealing you find the prospect of vein-popping, mud-splattered, spittle-flecked young athletes leaping out of a 50-inch screen and coming straight at you.

Me? I'm holding out for football in 4D, where you can take time back and make sure your goalkeeper was in the right place to save that winning penalty. Now that'd be a must-have service.

Soccer goes premium in US with new Fox footie HD channel


Football, sorry, soccer has never quite been a big money maker for the U.S. cable TV industry. But Fox Networks has long wagered that the popularity of the game with the  little leaguers and the changing demographic of the country will eventually translate into the kind of big bucks that parent News Corp is used to in the U.K. with Sky Sports.

Fox said today it’s launching a new high definition soccer channel called Fox Soccer Plus, which is being offered to cable and satellite distributors as a premium channel for a selected tier or as a standalone channel for a monthly fee.

No deals have been struck yet with distributors but one hopes that the Fox programming team included Fox Soccer Plus as part of  its long negotiations with Time Warner Cable into the New Year. But as a premium channel it’s unlikely to reach as many as the 35 million households of its flagship sister network Fox Soccer Channel.