Advertisers have long sought to grab the attention of the notoriously inattentive mobile user. And Lars Albright is seeking to provide just that by “gamifying” mobile ads.

The co-founder of Quattro Wireless, which was bought by mobile device giant Apple for $275 million in 2009, left Apple last year to start SessionM, which aims to engage mobile users by tempting them to play a game, watch a video, take a poll or share information with friends – all for “M” points.

The “M” points can then be redeemed for anything from gift cards to discounts to charitable donations.

Advertisers, and even  app makers, find it tough to hold the attention of mobile users, given the various distractions and sites vying for their time.

“There’s so much fragmentation of people’s attention,” Albright said, adding that the goal is to get users to be more active and spend more time on applications.