Allen & Co’s annual Sun Valley media conference is all about deals, the Internet, media and technology, but it’s good for a few laughs as well.

Here’s the first one:

We’re waiting for various executives and moguls to show up at the entrance to the Sun Valley Lodge. It’s a gorgeous day, and we’re talking to folks as they arrive. Robert Johnson, founder of Black Entertainment Television, arrives in an SUV. Right after him comes Universal Studios chief Ron Meyer.

They both go and check in. Meyer comes out first, gets in Johnson’s car and drives away.

Johnson comes out, looks at us, looks for his car. We tell him what happened. Just then, Meyer circles around the duck pond and comes to a stop. They shake hands, smile, switch cars.

If this were a gathering of auto chiefs, this wouldn’t happen, right?

(Photo: An in-game screenshot of Grand Theft Auto IV)