Here’s a blog entry from our San Francisco technology reporter David Lawsky:

Geeks who can write a bit do fine at Wikipedia, but the online encyclopedia thinks that non-geeks often have been scared off. That insight has translated into an $890,000 grant for Wikipedia from the Stanton Foundation.

It will use the money to smooth and simplify software for posting on Wikipedia and to attract volunteers who are good writers but not-so-great technical computer users.

Wikipedia wants to get “smart-knowledgeable people who are less tech-centric … to help write and edit the encyclopedia,” says the handout from Wikimedia Foundation, quoting its executive director, Sue Gardner. Wikimedia owns Wikipedia.

It seems like a fitting project for the Stanton Foundation, because it has to do with making communications technology more accessible. The namesake is the late Frank Stanton, who was president of CBS after World War II and led its transformaton from a radio network to TV.