Courtesy: Facebook

Since it was created in a Harvard dorm room in 2004, Facebook has moved its homebase around many times, relocating to the West coast and bouncing from building to building in Silicon Valley as its ranks have grown.

Now the company has finally settled down. Facebook said it had completed the move into its new corporate headquarters in Menlo Park, with the final wave of employees reporting for duty at the new office Monday morning.

Following the standard script for Web company “new office” announcements, Facebook proudly catalogued the various perks and cool design motifs on offer at its new digs in a blog post. Among the highlights: “micro kitchens;” exposed ductwork; breakaway “cozie” spaces with couches; and hallways coated in special chalkboard paint (one imagines engineers abruptly stopping mid-walk to passionately scrawl some cryptic formula on the wall, a la Goodwill Hunting).

Free dry-cleaning, a fitness center and two full-service cafes will also be available (the company is currently finishing construction on a central courtyard connecting the 10 buildings that is designed to mimic an urban street). For some reason, Facebook even made a point of noting that on-site doctors will also be part of the 57-acre campus.

The new flagship headquarters, which can accommodate far more than the 2,000 Facebook employees currently working there, marks the first of a few looming coming-of-age moments for the world’s No.1 Internet social networking site.