Craig Mundie, Microsoft’s research chief, strolled the stands at TechFest on Tuesday, checking out the fruits of the software company’s 850 researchers working in six labs across the world.

The annual showcase, held at Microsoft’s Redmond, Washington headquarters, is an attempt to “manufacture serendipity,” said Mundie, as developers see how other far-seeing projects might mesh with their own. 

One of the most popular demonstrations was the “omni-directional projector”, which lets you manipulate 360 degrees of data or images with voice and hand signals, like being in a little planetarium where you can reach out and pull the stars around.

The wide-angle projector and infrared sensor was housed in a small dome, but Microsoft is hoping to make it work in any normal room, eventually.

Here, Mundie and Microsoft researcher Hrvoje Benko show off what it can do: