Tech wrap: Apple reveals child labor at some suppliers

January 13, 2012

Apple revealed its suppliers in response to harsh criticism that it was turning a blind eye to dismal working conditions at partner factories. Apple’s audit found six active and 13 historical cases of underage labor at some component suppliers. It also found a number of other violations, among them breaches in pay, benefits and environmental practices in plants in China, which figured prominently throughout the 500-page report Apple issued. Other violations found in the audit included dumping wastewater onto a neighboring farm, using machines without safeguards, testing workers for pregnancy and falsifying pay records.

Tech wrap: AT&T to be allowed to pull T-Mobile application

November 29, 2011

The Federal Communications Commission will approve AT&T Inc.’s request to pull its application for approval of its $39 billion deal to acquire T-Mobile USA, the Wall Street Journal reported late Tuesday afternoon.

from The Great Debate UK:

Heavy traffic on the information superhighway

August 18, 2011

-- Jeff Smith is Senior Director Infrastructure Services, Global Crossing EMEA. The opinions expressed are his own.--

Verizon Wireless crunches numbers for you — or tries to

July 6, 2011

Verizon Wireless customers getting stressed out about whether they’d charge past their 2-gigabyte download limit? The company is here to help, at least in theory. 

It’s oh so quiet … Are tech/telecom trade shows done for?

October 8, 2009

“I remember 1999, there were five-storey booths here and every hall was packed”, Egypt’s communications minister Tarek Kamel complains.