A tale of two Time Warners

April 30, 2008

bewkes2.jpgTime Warner’s first quarter results were yet another demonstration of how the one-time biggest media company on Earth is making some progress, but continues to grapple with its biggest issue — AOL.

Time Warner’s cable division setting sail

April 30, 2008

time-warner-center.jpgTime Warner Inc’s plan to split off its cable services division — widely expected by many and welcomed by some — raises just as many questions as it answers.

Microsoft, Yahoo deadline looms

April 25, 2008

hourglass.jpgWith earnings reports for Yahoo and Microsoft out of the way, all eyes are now on Saturday, Microsoft’s deadline for Yahoo to accept its $43 billion offer.

Yahoo: No surprises there

April 23, 2008

jerry-1.jpgWe weren’t expecting huge surprises during Yahoo’s earnings conference call, but CEO Jerry Yang was spectacularly vague about the Internet company’s plans vis-a-vis Microsoft or any other potential tie-ups — with Google, Time Warner’s AOL or News Corp — that Yahoo has been working on.

CBS News = CNN?

April 8, 2008

CBS Anchor Katie CouricIf CBS tosses its news operation and channels that of CNN, would you care? That conundrum brings to mind a tough question for the media industry as a whole: content may be king, but does brand matter, especially with news?

UPDATE: AOL’s buying spree

March 14, 2008

kickapps-logo.JPGThe ink has barely dried on AOL’s $850 million proposed purchase of Bebo, but reports of another deal are already percolating. AllThingsD’s Kara Swisher reports AOL is seriously considering buying New York-based widget-maker KickApps for $90 million.

Disney on AOL – “NO” comment

March 12, 2008

iger.jpgNot that anyone was suspicious, but in case you’re wondering Disney isn’t buying AOL .