Ex-AOL exec joins newspaper publisher AH Belo

May 16, 2008

Dallas Morning News and Providence Journal publisher AH Belo Corp is getting some online representation. David Morgan,  who worked at Time Warner’s AOL between September 2007 and February 2008, is joining the Dallas-based company’s board, the Morning News reported on Thursday.

Murdoch kills Newsday bid

May 10, 2008

murdoch-frowns.jpgWhen Rupert Murdoch said the other day that he wasn’t investing in newspapers anymore, we assumed that he was being ironic, especially as it came in the same telephone conference call with News Corp analysts and reporters in which he said that he thought his agreement to buy Newsday from Tribune Co was all but sewn up .

Tribune lawyers, not funny

April 23, 2008

tribune.jpgTribune Co under Chief Executive Sam Zell has really loosened up in the past few weeks. Just think back to the April 1 Web site “redesign,” not to mention this subsequent so-crazy-it-was-surreal press release.

Smoke ’em if you got ’em at Tribune

April 23, 2008

smoking-clown.jpgTribune Co earned the scorn of its smoking employees when it decided to charge them $100 more than their non-smoking brethren for health insurance. That was before Sam Zell took over, however. Here’s the memo that went out to employees today.

Tribune, live at the Improv

April 7, 2008

clown.jpgTribune Co and Chief Executive Sam Zell got a few laughs out of an otherwise gloomy newspaper business on April Fool’s Day with its faux press release about renaming the company. But why wait for next year to take another stab at comedy? Tribune’s latest press release about the appointment of a new interactive chief, released on Monday, launches itself into a whole new galaxy of silly.

At Tribune, all the news that’s fit to eat

April 1, 2008

Sam Zell has a new round of ideas for how to fix Tribune. Read on for details. (Check Tribune’s temporarily redesigned Web site too, and remember: if you give people puppies, you can pay for Iraq coverage.)

Fixing Tribune, one employee at a time

March 26, 2008

Sam Zell in his latest memo tells Tribune employees — the ones who haven’t been spiked — that he’s happy to see them so hard at work coming up with new ideas to help the publisher and broadcaster thrive. Employees have been so helpful, in fact, that Tribune has created an online “IdeaBank” for submissions, rather than the talktoSam AT tribune.com address that he’s been using. As he explains below, this will let other people in the company see them.

Sam Zell ‘chastises’ his intern

March 24, 2008

Tribune Co.’s new owner, billionaire and orator nonpareil Sam Zell, let Chicago Tribune intern Katie Hamilton know exactly what he thought about her recent prank on rival paper the Chicago Sun-Times — one that has produced its fair share of chatter in the Windy City.