Facebook account: free. Friends? About 18 cents apiece

September 3, 2009

How much are 1,000 Facebook friends worth?

According to Leon Hill, $177.30.

That’s the price that Hill’s online marketing firm uSocial.net is selling Facebook friends for, through a new service that has already raised alarms within Facebook.

from Entrepreneurial:

Is Bit.ly’s Twitter advantage unfair?

August 13, 2009

The rise of Twitter as a social-media powerhouse and its micro-blogging platform has created a renewed urgency for URL-shortening services.

from Commentaries:

Twitter backlash foretold

August 11, 2009

Technology market research firm Gartner Inc has published the 2009 "Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies," its effort to chart out what's hot or not at the cutting edge of hi-tech jargon. It's just one of an annual phalanx of reports that handicap some 1,650 technologies or trends in 79 different categories for how likely the terms are to make it into mainstream corporate parlance.

tr.im’s farewell to URL shortening

August 10, 2009

It’s not everyday one hears a company say its business didn’t stand a chance.

from Reuters Editors:

Giant shoulders and the chain of knowledge

August 7, 2009

The new world is not so different from the old world – it just moves faster and in different ways.

Twitter + Georgian blogger + South Ossetia = Hack Attack

August 7, 2009

If you were miffed at not being able to tweet your innermost thoughts and random musings to your followers yesterday, or post that smartypants comment on a friend’s Facebook status update, blame politics. Turns out the reason why Twitter was knocked down for hours, while Facebook users had trouble logging in and posting to their profiles on Thursday was a Georgian blogger who uses both services.

Hack attack spares MySpace injury, but not insult

August 6, 2009

MySpace.com dodged a bullet on Thursday, but in the process the social networking site may have gotten a stinging slap in the face instead.

Tweeting hits high note with Fortune 100

July 30, 2009

(Reporting and Writing by Laura Isensee)

    Still not sure about Twitter?
   More than half of Fortune 100 companies are using the wildly popular micro-blogging site, according to a new study, adding to growing buzz in the business world that Twitter hopes to convert into revenue this year.

For Sale: The House of Twitter

July 20, 2009

Movie star homes are big in LA.

In the San Francisco Bay Area though, the celebrity real estate scene is all about Internet bigwigs.

Friday media highlights

July 17, 2009

Here are some of the day’s stories on the media industry:

Movie studios try to harness “Twitter effect” (Reuters)
“Audiences are voicing snap judgments on movies faster and to more people than ever before on Twitter, and their ability to create a box office hit or a flop is forcing major studios to revamp marketing campaigns. The stakes are especially high this summer season when big budget movies like “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” which opened on Wednesday, play to a core audience of young, plugged-in moviegoers,” writes Alex Dobuzinskis.