zuckerWhen it comes to the Comcast-NBC Universal deal, one of the big stories over the coming year will center on corporate culture. Maybe too much is made of this, maybe different cultures had nothing to do with the disaster that was Time Warner-AOL, for instance. But I doubt it.

Which brings us back to Comcast-NBC Universal. The New York Post got a jump on the culture clash story today, and UBS banker Aryeh Bourkoff followed up on it during an interview with NBC Universal boss Jeff Zucker at the UBS Media and Communications Conference.

Asked about his relationship with Comcast’s Brian Roberts and Steve Burke, Zucker said up the following. (Perhaps he’s already figuring out the Comcast culture of bland, family friendly diplomacy).

“I’ve known Brian and Steve prior to this, not as well as I’ve gotten to know them over the last four months,” he said. “I think one of the things that will come out of the next year, which is getting to know everybody personally and professionally; we will get to know each other even better.”

That doesn’t tell us much — and maybe we shouldn’t expect anything else. After all, here’s a CEO who suddenly finds himself with two new, very powerful bosses. What would any of us say? So the best option here seems to be opening the matter up to comment. Will Zucker get along in the new Comcast-NBC Universal? Will he last — and, if so, how long?