I’m huge in Bulgaria!

Well, not quite. A friend of mine who shares a similar, if not identical, name (Ken Lee) sent me a link to a YouTube video a few weeks ago, attesting to the budding international stardom of Ken Lees the world over.

Valentina Hasan auditioned for the Bulgarian version of “American Idol” in March. She chose to sing a rendition of Mariah Carey’s “Without You,” but let’s just say her English is a bit rough. She insisted to the judges that the song was called “Ken Lee” — a mishearing of the song’s chorus.

Hasan didn’t make the cut on Bulgaria’s “Music Idol,” but like her American Idol predecessor William Hung, her enthusiastic performance has made her a pop-culture sensation . Like Hung, she was asked back on the show to sing another rendition of her signature tune.

Thanks Valentina — without you, I’m nothing. YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image