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Tech Links: Phones, more phones and communion wafers

August 3, 2009

HTC Android phoneBetter luck next year for Android
Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC has warned of a revenue shortfall, saying it has too many new phone models chasing too little revenue. Revenue growth will turn negative in 2009, instead of growing 10 percent, as the company had previously forecast.

Virgin, Universal give away music, fight pirates

June 15, 2009

Can Virgin Media crack the scourge of piracy with a new music download service?

The cable provider plans to offer customers unlimited streaming and downloading of MP3 music files in conjunction with the world’s largest music company, Universal, home to artists ranging from U2 to Lady Gaga and Willie Nelson. The service, which may be launched by the end of the year, could eventually include music from other major labels.

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What do you think of Virgin’s fee-based download plan?

June 15, 2009

Cable TV company Virgin Media is set to launch a new music service which will allow its broadband customers to stream and download an unlimited number of tracks and albums for a monthly fee.