When newsweeklies reigned

June 4, 2010

This week marked the deadline for non-binding bids for  Newsweek, the challenged publication The Washington Post Co.  put on the block on May 5.  So far at least four parties have come forward and expressed interest.

Hyperlocal meets hyperlawers at The Washington Post

June 4, 2008

loudounextra2.JPGThe Wall Street Journal ran a story by Russell Adams on Wednesday about how The Washington Post’s foray into “hyper-local journalism” in Loudoun County, Virginia, didn’t quite work out.

Washington Post editors stay on message

April 23, 2008

Say what you will, but The Washington Post’s editors know how to get their stories straight before printing them. Here are the complete memos about Susan Glasser’s resignation as AME (Assistant Managing Editor) of the National section. Aside from Glasser’s use of the pronoun “I,” we would dare you to tell who wrote which.