Tech wrap: EBay acts on Hunch

November 21, 2011

EBay said it acquired the data analysis firm Hunch to help it develop more recommendation technology for its online marketplace. Hunch analyzes data from social networks like Facebook and from questionnaires to make personal recommendations. EBay said Hunch will help it suggest relevant products for shoppers on its online marketplace. Chris Dixon, Tom Pinckney and Matt Gattis, who founded Hunch in 2009, will stay on at eBay and remain based in New York. The purchase price was not disclosed, although tech blog Uncrunched pegged it at around $80 million.

Western Digital enters crowded digital living room with new device

October 26, 2010

This holiday season, technology companies are singing a familiar refrain: “Everybody gather around the TV.” With Apple Inc and Google Inc already rolling out their devices to plug into the home television, the connected living room just got more crowded, as hard drive maker Western Digital Corp has updated its television media player just in time to compete with the likes of Apple TV and Google TV for the almighty holiday shopping dollar.WD TV Live Hub

Seagate hopes to broaden reach with new hard drives

May 5, 2010

Seagate_FA_GoFlex_USB3_top Have you ever looked at your hard drive and said “I wish it could do more”? Seagate thinks it has the answer. With its new “GoFlex” external hard drives for consumers, Seagate said it is hoping to expand appeal by simplifying how their products connnect to computers. Housed externally, rather than inside of a laptop computer, Seagate said the new drives will feature attachments to connect to the internet and a television. Each attachment will be sold separately, but the idea is not unlike the strategy offered by Apple for its iPhones, iPads and iPods that connect to various different docks to connect to stereo systems, GPS devices and car stereos. Seagate said it hopes the GoFlex connectors will catch on enough that other companies will want to design their own types of attachments for various uses, such as connecting directly into a computer instead of through a cord. Whether this will catch on or will be seen as a mere gimmick is yet to be seen, but Seagate says it’s been working on the product for the past year and hopes it will find mass appeal.

Have you ever looked at your hard drive and said “I wish it could do more”?