Sun Valley: When will YouTube make a profit?

July 10, 2009

That question has got louder and louder from investors and Wall Street analysts concerned that YouTube owner Google is racking huge profit-hindering costs to be the free online video platform for the world. It seems Google’s top guys don’t know the answer either — or if they do, they’re choosing not to share it with reporters on Thursday.

CORRECTED-Sun Valley: YouTube’s most valuable customer

July 8, 2009

Corrects blog post to show Buffett was talking about YouTube, not Facebook.

Attention YouTube: Warren Buffett wants to give you money.

That’s the word from Liberty Media Chairman John Malone, who sat on a panel about digital media at the Allen & Co confab in Sun Valley on Tuesday.

How-to journalism with YouTube

June 29, 2009

YouTube has launched a new video channel called the Reporters’ Center to teach aspiring citizen journalists everything they need to know, with contributions from Bob Woodward, Katie Couric and a slew of other organizations including Reuters.

Google’s YouTube money hole not as deep as feared

June 18, 2009

How much money is Google losing from YouTube?

Not as much as you think, according to a new report by an IT research and consulting firm.

Facebook crushes MySpace in minutes, but lags on video

June 2, 2009

Facebook won the bragging rights to being the world’s largest social network site last year, based on the worldwide number of unique visitors to its site.

As GM files for bankruptcy, Madison Ave gets to work

June 2, 2009

“This is not about going out of business. This is about getting down to business.”
So says the latest advertisement from General Motors, which hit the automaker’s web site and YouTube just hours after it filed for bankruptcy protection.

YouTube can be dangerous place for porn seekers

May 22, 2009

YouTube is becoming a dangerous place to search for porn.******Anti-virus company PandaLabs reports on its research blog that hackers have riddled the site with links to malicious software. The scheme works like this: Porn seekers searching the YouTube site for terms including Latina, kinky, girl, porn, sex and the names of popular porn stars are directed to another site, called PornTube 2.0. It looks like a legitimate video web site, according to PandaLabs, but is actually riddled with malicious software that can steal credit card data, passwords, install spyware and also attempts to sell users of infected PCs fake anti-virus programs.******Just so you know…

Hulu breaks into top 3 US video sites

April 28, 2009

Hulu continues its rapid ascent up the video charts, cracking the top three online video sites in the U.S. for the first time in March.

Now showing: The cable show

March 31, 2009

The big story in the media for the rest of the week is the annual National Cable Telecommunications Association Show, or “the cable show,” as its commonly called.