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Sep 2, 2014

Attack on Egypt security convoy kills 11 in Sinai: security sources

CAIRO (Reuters) – An attack on a convoy killed 11 members of the Egyptian security forces in the Sinai Peninsula on Tuesday, security and medical sources said.

Two were killed by a roadside bomb and the others were shot as they tried to flee, the security sources said. Security sources said earlier that the attack killed 10 soldiers.

Aug 28, 2014

Sinai militant group says it beheaded four Egyptians

CAIRO (Reuters) – A Sinai-based militant group said on Thursday it had beheaded four Egyptians, accusing them of providing Israel with intelligence for an airstrike that killed three of its fighters.

Four headless corpses were found in the Sinai Peninsula earlier this month, security sources said — the first time that any decapitations had been made public in Egypt.

Aug 20, 2014

Islamic State video shows conversion of Yazidis to Islam

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Islamic State, a militant group that witnesses and officials say has executed hundreds of members of Iraq’s Yazidis, has released a video that seeks to show it enlightened hundreds of members of the religious minority by converting them to Islam.

The production was issued not long after the group on Tuesday released a video showing one of its black-clad fighters beheading American journalist James Foley, sparking international outrage.

Aug 20, 2014

Islamic State video claims to show beheading of U.S. journalist

BAGHDAD, Aug 20 (Reuters) – Islamic State militants posted a
video that purported to show the beheading of American
journalist James Foley in revenge for U.S. air strikes in Iraq,
prompting widespread revulsion that could push Western powers
into further action against the group.

The video, titled “A Message To America,” also showed images
of another U.S. journalist, Steven Sotloff, whose life Islamic
State said depended on how the United States acts in Iraq.

Aug 20, 2014

Islamic State opens new anti-U.S. front with beheading video

BAGHDAD/BEIRUT Aug 20 (Reuters) – Islamic State’s beheading
of a U.S. journalist and its threat to “destroy the American
cross” suggests it has gained enough confidence seizing large
areas of Iraq and Syria to take aim at American targets despite
the risks.

On Tuesday night, Islamic State released a video purporting
to show one of its fighters beheading James Foley, who was
kidnapped in Syria nearly two years ago.

Aug 20, 2014

Islamic State video purports to show beheading of U.S. journalist

BAGHDAD/BEIRUT (Reuters) – Islamist militants fighting in Iraq released a video on Tuesday which purported to show the beheading of American journalist James Foley and U.S. officials said they were working to determine its authenticity.

The video, titled “A Message to America,” was released a day after Islamic State, an al Qaeda offshoot that has overrun large parts of Iraq, threatened to attack Americans “in any place.”

Aug 19, 2014

Iraqi forces battle to drive jihadists from Saddam’s home town

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraqi forces launched an offensive on Tuesday to drive Islamic State fighters out of Tikrit, hometown of executed dictator Saddam Hussein, while the militants warned they would attack Americans “in any place”.

In Geneva, the United Nations refugee agency said it was starting a major aid operation to get supplies to more than half a million people displaced by fighting in northern Iraq.

Aug 19, 2014

Backed by U.S. strikes, Iraq Kurds retake strategic dam: officials

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraqi and Kurdish forces recaptured Iraq’s biggest dam from Islamist militants with the help of U.S. air strikes to secure a vital strategic objective in fighting that threatens to break up the country, Kurdish and U.S. officials said on Monday.

U.S. fighter, bomber and drone aircraft took part in the strikes on Islamic State positions near the Mosul Dam, the Pentagon said. The strikes damaged or destroyed six armed vehicles, a light armored vehicle and other equipment.

Aug 18, 2014

Iraqi Kurds say they recapture strategic dam from jihadists

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraqi Kurdish forces said they had recaptured the country’s biggest dam from Islamic State militants on Monday, although an employee at the site said jihadist fighters still controlled key points on the vulnerable structure.

Hoshiyar Zebari – a Kurd who has been foreign minister in the outgoing Iraqi government – also said officials from his community would join talks on forming a new, inclusive administration considered vital for combating the Sunni Muslim militants who have overrun much of the country.

Aug 16, 2014

Iraqi Sunnis say could join new government, fight Islamic State

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Tribal leaders and clerics from Iraq’s Sunni heartland offered their conditional backing on Friday for a new government that hopes to contain sectarian bloodshed and an offensive by Islamic State militants that threatens to tear the country apart.

One of the most influential tribal leaders said he was willing to work with Shi’ite prime minister-designate Haider al-Abadi provided a new administration respected the rights of the Sunni Muslim minority that dominated Iraq under Saddam Hussein.