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Oct 29, 2009

Broadway musical “Victor/Victoria” dances again in Asia

SINGAPORE (Reuters) – A Singapore theater company is staging “Victor/Victoria” for the first time in Asia, more than a decade after it left Broadway and with jazz singer Laura Fygi in the role that actress Julie Andrews made famous.

The musical comedy, written by Blake Edwards and set to the music of Henry Mancini, opens in Singapore on November 9 and is the latest in a handful of Broadway productions to be staged in the Southeast Asian country better known for its strict laws than its arts scene.

Sep 24, 2009
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Lindsay Lohan’s passion for fashion


Want to know the real Lindsay Lohan? Check out her latest clothing range.Hollywood’s wild child recently signed up with fashion house Emanuel Ungaro as an artistic adviser to add pizzazz to the ageing fashion brand. Her first collection will be unveiled on October 4 and it’s one she says is very close to her heart.”I think working with Ungaro it’s more personal for me,” she told Reuters in Singapore, where she’ll be hosting a three-day music concert that coincides with the country’s Formula One race.”It’s kind of more about who I am and what I want to put out there in terms of what people wear and different styles. And what I wear in films means a lot to the character and what people take from the character.”Over the past two years, Lohan’s¬†creative endeavors have been eclipsed by scandals, nightclub antics and drug problems. The 23-year-old was briefly jailed in 2007 after being convicted of drink driving and cocaine possession, and made to wear an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet.But she said she’s been dealing with headlines for such a long time, that she doesn’t let them get in the way of her work.”I’m pretty numb to everything that gets said and goes on. I’m not going to say the paparazzi don’t get annoying, when I, you know, just want that alone time. But it’s not that bad. I don’t really pay attention to it, in all honesty,” she said.Lohan loves to shop and her previous fashion ventures have included a line of leggings that drew mixed reviews from fashionistas.And, like a true fashionista, Lohan arrived almost two hours — or shall we say fashionably? — late for media interviews.¬†

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