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Jul 9, 2015

What you need to know about traveling to Greece

By Mitch Lipka

(Reuters) – As Sue Scanlon prepares to visit northern Greece this summer, she is keeping a close eye on the crippling financial crisis that has enveloped the historic Mediterranean nation.

“We have completely rethought our spending options,” said Scanlon, who lives in Worcester, Massachusetts, and works for student travel company Teach by Travel. “We will take it day-to-day and adjust our plans accordingly.”

Jul 6, 2015

What your credit card covers for car rentals

July 6 (Reuters) – In the midst of moving from Atlanta to
St. Louis last year, Thomas Nitzsche discovered his parked
rental car had been hit by another car, causing $791 in damage.

To keep costs low, he had rejected the “collision damage
waiver” (CDW) insurance offered by the rental car company, which
can run as much as $45 a day and can include a deductible.

Jun 25, 2015

Auto insurance loyalty can cost you

By Mitch Lipka

(Reuters) – When Jonathan G. Stein became unhappy with his long-time car insurance carrier earlier this year, the 41-year-old lawyer from Elk Grove, California switched to a new company.

How was he rewarded for his disloyalty after nine years? With savings of about $300 a year and a boost in his under-insured motorist coverage.

Jun 18, 2015

Hotel discounts are hard to keep if you extend your stay

June 18 (Reuters) – Investment adviser Mitch Tuchman scored
a deal any traveler would be proud of: $280 a night for a recent
stay at the luxurious Viceroy Hotel in Manhattan, where the
going rate can exceed more than $500 on a weeknight.

But when a change in plans required him to stay another day,
all bets were off. The price soared to $720 a night.

Jun 8, 2015

When booking travel online, it pays to shop around

June 8 (Reuters) – When Christel Shea was trying to book a
trip from Providence, Rhode Island to Greenville, South Carolina
a couple of weeks ago, it took more than one online search for
her to identify that the best buy was to fly into Charlotte,
North Carolina and rent a car for the hour-long drive.

Shea, managing director of the group tour research site (, used a combination of
Google Flights ( and Bing Travel
(, and then eventually booked
through American Airlines because you cannot book
directly through Google.

May 19, 2015

Wedding photography pushes the limits of novelty

May 19 (Reuters) – Recording Amanda Bortzfield’s wedding
last summer at the Breakers resort in Palm Beach, Florida, was
no simple – or cheap – task. Still photography and video added
up to more than $23,000, not far off the average total cost for
a wedding in the United States.

“The end results far surpass anything I could have
imagined,” says Bortzfield, 27, whose overall wedding costs were
significantly more than average, to say the least.

May 14, 2015

How much should you give as a wedding gift?

BOSTON, May 14 (Reuters) – When you go to as many weddings
as Stephanie Wong does, you need to come up with some guidelines
for gift-giving. During the past two years, Wong, 32, who works
in marketing for a book publisher in San Francisco, has been to
about a half-dozen weddings. She expects to attend three more
this year.

The amount Wong spends is all about her relationship to the
people getting married, how fancy the wedding is going to be and
whether she brings a date.

Apr 14, 2015

Sharing-economy jobs make taxes uber-complicated

By Mitch Lipka

(Reuters) – Before Jane LeBoeuf started driving for Uber and Lyft, doing her taxes was cheap and easy.

LeBoeuf would swing by the local H&R Block office, pay $150 and end up with a refund. But now, that is not the case.

Apr 14, 2015

YOUR MONEY: Sharing-economy jobs make taxes uber-complicated

April 14 (Reuters) – Before Jane LeBoeuf started driving for
Uber and Lyft, doing her taxes was cheap and easy.

LeBoeuf would swing by the local H&R Block office,
pay $150 and end up with a refund. But now, that is not the

Apr 8, 2015

How much is your hotel loyalty worth?

By Mitch Lipka

(Reuters) – When it comes to hotel stays, Gary Burris is loyal to a fault.

In about 20 years of traveling, he has stayed 1,079 nights in Marriott International Inc hotels, where he expects – and receives – a certain level of service, says the 51-year-old sales manager for Oregon-based Tec Laboratories.

Hotels covet loyalty from customers like Burris. More than two-thirds of frequent travelers stay with the same hotel company more than half their days on the road, according to a 2014 study on hotel loyalty by Deloitte Consulting.

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