Comments on: Learning from tomorrow’s leaders Mohamed Mondays Mon, 30 Mar 2015 23:53:19 +0000 hourly 1 By: prologic Tue, 21 Feb 2012 18:16:19 +0000 True, invention takes place around chaos, but rather than being the mother of creation itself, chaos is the ingredient of this process. Invention is a systematic, methodical and disciplined process that utilizes the chaotic material or process to turn that into a meaningful, useful and structure process or product.
Therefore, I am only partially aligned with Mohamed’s point of view. Our children are our future assets, but only if they can be inspired, instigated and prepared to take on the vastly complex issues of tomorrow. Meantime, we still have to hope and pray that our current leadership and our older generation would have true “adults”, instead of a group of self-serving creatures with pathetically limited strategic visions running the shows. We all can talk valiantly about the glorious people-power, but at the end of the day, the leadership stirs a nation in the right direction of prosperity and progress or towards the path of depression or destruction, just in the same way captain of a ship does. Of course the captain needs a ship to run and the ship needs passengers to support it, hence all are integral part of the whole. But it is absurd to think and expect that passengers of Titanic could have avoided the disaster or for that matter, the passengers of the plane that successfully landed on Hudson, NY after having engine problem has much credit to claim. Bottom line – all examples of history show that the ups and downs of a nation depend primarily on the leadership on whom ‘we the people’ depend, voluntarily or involuntarily. we saw this many times including in democratic Greece or autocratic Singapore.

By: 1roadrunner2 Mon, 20 Feb 2012 12:29:36 +0000 In order to improve the distribution of income and wealth we must dramatically improve our educational system, particularly our core subjects, but also include a strong emphasis on ethics beginning in primary school. Our youth must be taught that income and wealth must be earned and that superior intellectual skills are rewarded have a greater reward, but those with these abilities directly and indirectly creat many jobs.. They must be taught from an early age and repeatedly taught that our political leaders must be accountable to us, not just to themselves. We are seeing today the results of our(the voters) just leaving it up to them to decide what is good for us.

By: mcn78704 Wed, 08 Feb 2012 17:40:04 +0000 The author’s interactions with high schoolers fundamentally differs from mine. In teaching college economics to high schoolers, I am dismayed by the general lack of intellectual curiosity, the low level of academic preparation (for example, not knowing simple fractions or how to calculate percentages), and the low priority placed on learning. It is my sincere hope that my students are the exception and not the rule, but I have serious concerns about the leadership that will be possible in the future coming from the youth of today.

By: Gordon2352 Wed, 08 Feb 2012 17:26:10 +0000 If you seriously believe that the answers to today’s problems lie in what a group of teenagers has to say, we are a whole lot worse off than I thought.


By: Ash-Roy Tue, 07 Feb 2012 15:58:15 +0000 Brilliant. Would be great to have you in my class at Keio University in Tokyo. I continue to learn from silly questions my 4-year old asks.

Chaos is the mother of all inventions. and we forget it so easily.


By: JosiaNakash Tue, 07 Feb 2012 09:59:33 +0000 Hello from Israel Mohamed –

Thank you for sharing. This is definitely the sector we should be focused on because youths have so much to contribute to the world – but not in the standard ways.

Jobs will continue to be scarce in the coming years. That is why it would be good to fill these kids minds with useful information about the new integral stage of our existence.

What people really need is information about how to turn this escalating and multifaceted crisis around. How to understand the new rules of the game and deal with the challenges up ahead.

Ideally youths would receive this information through new messages right on the products they use every day, through special presentations in stores, and new advertising across all types of media.

The new insight would focus on how to arrange the correct relations between everyone in society, and provide daily guidance for living in today’s interdependent environment.

Technology was created for one purpose: to enhance human relations. This is more critical today than ever before because the relations between us are the root of the crisis.

So rather than waiting for educational institutions, corporations have the power to begin taking these vital steps immediately. It is simply a matter of priorities. Once the big brands realize that continuing to fill our heads with junk will be their downfall, we will see a big change in all the media around us influencing us throughout the day.

By: asifmemon Tue, 07 Feb 2012 05:48:14 +0000 nice essay but no meaningful analysis