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Interim Budget: What do you want?

February 10, 2009

The Congress-led government presents the Interim Budget for 2009/10 on February 16.

Will there be tax cuts? Will you have more money in your pocket? Can the government stem the loss of jobs?

The expectations of the common man and that of industry are high. Tell us, what are yours?


When the final budget is announced.. I just wish 80C limit is enhanced .. and my income is exempt for the first 2 lakh rupees..

Posted by Aditya | Report as abusive

This govt should look beyond partisan political compulsions and commit to building more roads. It was bad enough that they spent crores removing Vajpayee’s photos from the NHAI boards, now the project itself seems to have come to a screeching halt.

Posted by Lavanya | Report as abusive

I want more transparency, as to what govt does with taxpayers money.

Posted by Kshitij | Report as abusive

If a Sahara can attract daily deposits of as low as Rs 5 from the poor rickshaw puller, wonder any of the insurance companies cannot come up with a Re 1 a day health insurance scheme thereby making quality health care affordable for the common man. 1 billion and more X 1 rupee a day = you do the math, go figure….

Posted by chanakya | Report as abusive

I wish there are some better rules for people like me to get tax refunds at the earliest! People still wait for months.. and years..

Posted by Rajni Pandey | Report as abusive

Does the Cong have it in them to use the state of the economy to announce measures that mind sound populist but still be good enough to trigger economic activity?

Posted by munshi | Report as abusive

We should get Tax exemption for every bill we provide.

Right now in current system, we pay double tax. This should go.
For eg:
Tax1: Buy something for 100rs (this includes VAT+ service tax+ central excise+ ….+ some n number of Cess )
Again I have to pay tax for the same spent 100rs when I file returns.

Assuming this 100rs is in 30% tax slab, we will end paying
30rs + (VAT+ service tax+ central excise+ ….+ Cess )

Posted by humble tax payer. | Report as abusive

I believe government should relax Rs. 15,000/- medical reimbursement for salaried employees further by increasing the amount to say Rs. 30,000/- and also extending this facility to senior citizens irrespective of source of income.. thanks.

Posted by Ashish Agarwal | Report as abusive

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