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A maturing market amid the mayhem

from Expert Zone:

Sensex: Key takeaways from 2011

(Nipun Mehta is an award-winning private banker with many years of experience across Asia. The views expressed in the column are his own and not those of Reuters)

About a year back in November, we were at the highest ever level of the Sensex with hopes of moving higher. A year hence, as we inch closer to the end of 2011, the Sensex has fallen more than 26 pct from its peak, and then recovered a bit.

In the interim, there have been bouts of volatility, long periods of dull range-bound movements, and a lot of events and learnings from the domestic and international markets.

The biggest learning in the last year has been for the present generation of investors who would not have seen such a long period of stock market underperformance and for whom the definition of long-term has changed. For those who started investing after 2003, the last three years have been an excruciating period yielding seriously negative returns. Most of these portfolios are still a few years away from returning to green. The key lesson is, short-term is out and long-term is in, with long-term to be defined as more than three years.