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from India Insight:

The rupee’s fall from grace

Indian milk and dairy products producer Amul’s campaign has a new subject -- the rupee.

The newspaper advertisement features the iconic Amul girl, in her polka dotted red dress, in a boat made of the rupee, about to sink in turbulent waters. She says ‘mujhe mere rupee se bachaao!’ in Hindi. Loosely translated into English, it would mean 'save me from my rupee.'

The tagline, tongue in cheek, says ‘valued highly’.

The Amul mascot’s angst today reflects that of investors who have so far been bullish on the India growth story.

That the rupee has caught the Amul girl’s attention is no surprise. For over thirty years, she has commented on social, political and economic issues of the day making her as favourite a household name as R.K. Laxman’s common man.